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This is the place to see what skills Shavahn is currently training in her routines as well as her start values for each of her routines. This page will be kept as up-to-date as possible as Shavahn's routines can change all the time!

Vault: Yurchenko-back layout 2/1 twist A Score 5.5
2nd Vault: FHS Front Pike 1/2 A Score: 5.6
Bars: Jump to high bar to kip cast handstand, laidout ray to immediate pak salto, Kip cast handstand, maloney to immediate bail, toe-shoot to high bar, Kip cast handstand, giant, giant, higgins, piked jeager, kCH 1/2 pirouette, giant giant, full-out dismount. Start Value: 10.0
Beam: jump on mount; flip flop + layout stepout; full turn with leg at horizontal; switch side leap; sheep jump; front aerial; aerial cartwheel; switch leap + tour jete 1/2; split jump + wolf jump; roundoff + double pike dismount A Score: 5.8
Floor: whip 1/2+double front, front double twist+front layout stepout, switch ring+cat leap 2/1, double turn with leg above horizontal+double turn, tour jete 1/1, double pike. Start Value: 9.9