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November 10, 2007: Shavahn's press release is now up on the UCLA website, it can be seen here.

November 6, 2007: Shavahn got her official acceptance into UCLA today! She will be reporting for school starting December 26, 2007. Congratulations Shavahn!

July 20, 2007: There is an update on Shavahn on the International Gymnast Website.

June 19, 2007: Shavahn traveled to Brazil last week for a tri-meet competition, but was unfortunately injured on a beam dismount during training. Shavahn is still currently in England but will have an MRI when she returns to California to find out the extent of the injury. On a brighter note Shavahn will be attending graduation on Monday and will be spending her week at the GymJam Camp!

April 2, 2007: Shavahn competed at California State Championships yesterday on vault and floor. She competed a nice layout yurchenko for a score of 9.4 and a simple floor routine for an 8.8. Videos from the meet have been added.

March 19, 2007: Although Shavahn was scheduled to return to England later this month, this trip has been postponed. Shavahn, the Church family, and her coaches have decided that it is in her best interest to spend some more time at home training and catching up on things to reach her ultimate goals. Shavahn is hoping to do some intersquad competitions during the next few months and is also planning on competing as an exhibition athlete at the 2007 California State Championships at the end of this month. Shavahn's goals remain the same, they include competing for Great Britain at the 2007 World Championships and 2008 Olympic Games as well as attending UCLA in the future. Shavahn was also recently featured on GymnastTV.com.

March 7, 2007: Shavahn has written a short note about her competition last weekend which can be viewed below. International Gymnast Magazine also has a short article up on their site about Shavahn.

Well, it was a lot of fun doing a JO meet again. I was only going to do bars and beam, watered down, but when I got there I really felt I could vault. Chris and I decided that a yurchenko layout would be safe. I really haven't worked any hard landings yet, so I'm still a little nervous. We decided to show my floor just for fun (Just layouts for tumbling) and it was a good opportunity for me to run through my new routine in front of the judges. It's a good thing we did, because the music wasn't recorded loud enough so I will have to have that fixed before we leave for England. Bars went great in warm-up, but then in competition I fell on my pak. That was really embarrassing, as I landed on my butt and got a major wedgie (I mean Major). I ended up just doing a layout dismount. I was pleased that I made my two big release moves. I'm really rusty and definitely need more competition experience to get me back into the swing of things. I'm not going to make the same mistake a third time, so I want to make sure I'm always comfortable with what I'm performing. The good thing is I really like working with Chris, he is so understanding, and we really work well together. I will now go back into the gym and work on hard landings and hopefully get myself ready for the Euro trials coming up. The most important thing for me right now is to not get injured. I do a lot of leg conditioning, so hopefully this will help me when I finally tumble again.

Take care everyone!
- Shavahn

March 2, 2007: For those of you in the So Cal area, tomorrow evening Shavahn will be competing Bars and Beam in the 2007 Friendship Challenge. Please visit Golden State Gymnastics Website for more details.

February 16, 2007: A new journal has been added.