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October 17th, 2004

      Hi everyone! Finally another journal entry. It only took me 6 months to do this one! Tuesday is my best friend Talia's Birthday, so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Talia! I am going to her B-day party today and it should be really fun.

      Next Saturday, London and I will be going to National team camp. We both have some new top secret skills to show to the National staff and we are both so excited! After I broke my hand at Nationals I was really disappointed since I had to scratch from the rest of the competition. When I broke my hand I knew something bad had happened, but I wasnt sure what it was. Later that day a couple of coaches in the stands said they actually heard a crack.... so did I. lol! After they X-rayed it and we saw how bad it was, and we thought that it might need surgery, I was really sad because I would be off of the Jnr. National team. My coach was told that they still wanted me on the team, so that made me feel better! The rehab of my hand went very well, (my mom actually caught me swinging on bars after only three weeks, and was not too happy whoops!) but I was going crazy because I didn't get to prove myself at Nationals, so I was counting the days until I could start full training again. Now I am pretty much fully healed and don't have any pain, although the Doctor said I could have some swelling for up to a year :(.

      Training has been going very well for London and me, and we have a lot of new teammates! Ashley Jenkins, Kahley Rowell, Amy DeFillipo, Nicole Day and Mandi Rodriquez. Amy and Nicole were at SCATS when I arrived, but they left for a short time. I am so glad they are back as we all competed as level 10's together and did really well! I have known Ashley and Mandi for a few years, so it is great that they are now at SCATS. Kahley Rowell is also new to the team, and shes the youngest of our elites now! We should have a really strong Elite Team this coming year and Im excited to have so many new teammates.

      On the 21st of October a gym from England, Heathrow Gymnastics Club, is coming to SCATS HB to train with us. Their gym is only about 20minutes from where my mom and dad lived in England. Hopefully we can go and train with them at their gym in England. Two of the girls, Amy Nunes and Leigh Rodgers will be staying at my house. Last week I also did an interview with The British Gymnastics Net. and it went up on their site yesterday, so I hope to gain some British fans. Thanks to Cat and Sarah at TBGN for doing this.

      Id also like to give a huge congratulations to Kassi, Bianca, Natasha, and Morgan for their success at Jnr. Pan Ams. Jana and Shayla, I hope you both get better very soon, and I'll probably see you guys at the camp in January. I heard that about 30 girls will be at camp next week. Wow! that is a lot. We only have to show half routines, but London and Me (And Don hehe) are hoping to get International assignments. Oh! Brittany, one of my webmasters, has made a new montage called SCATS girls. It might go up after camp. I haven't seen it yet, but it is supposed to be really cool.

      We have a couple of new coaches at SCATS. Charles Tamayo, who was on the Cuban National team, and Feng Yu (beam coach) who was on China's Nat'l Team. They are both awesome coaches, so we are very lucky to have them at HB. After much begging and crying - about a month's worth - My mom let my Sister Carley's boyfriend (Brady) put some blond highlights in my hair. And guess what? I still feel kind of smart!

      Last weekend I went to Knotts Berry farm, with Amy. It was a lot of fun since I love scary things. They decorate the whole theme park, and there are monsters chasing you and really creepy mazes to walk through. They even have some of the rides decorated and haunted! I LOVE Halloween, and i'm so excited it's almost here. This year i'm going to dress up like oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. I know elites aren't suppose to have a lot of candy so shhhh!

      I'm really excited for the 2005 season and really feel this will finally be my year! Of course doing more than just bars at nationals would be an improvement ;). Ill try to write my next journal a little faster...maybe in 5 months :)


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