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September 7th, 2003

Hey y'all sorry I haven't been writing in my journal, I have a lot to tell you though. Summer is over and it went so fast, but I am excited to go back to school (sounds weird lol.) This summer we hosted three French girls from Monaco, they trained at Scats everyday on the same schedule as me. We did not get to do too much fun stuff (besides training of course, haha!). We did get to go to Magic Mountain, which I love..they also wanted to see the Hollywood sign, so we took them there, funny thing is I have only seen the sign twice myself.

Well, my teammates and I have learned a bunch of new skills, now we are trying to figure out what we are going to use for our routines. I also went to the World Championships and it was really cool. I am so sorry for Annia who hurt her knee doing her vault in training, and Courtney who hurt her ankle doing a double Arabian on the floor. Ashley could not compete because she was very very sick so, I was really upset because they are my favorite gymnasts, but hey, the US still won the team competition, so that was very exciting and the crowd was crazy with excitement.

I am very excited to go to camp in October; I am ready to show them what I have learned during the summer. Back to World Championships for a second, I am so glad for the Brazilian girl, she was great on floor: she did a piked double Arabian it was awesome she won with 9.7. I am also glad for the British team, they did great. My mom was trying to get me the leotard that had the British flag on it, it's really cool.

I would like to give a shout out to Kylie who is my math tutor; she is always there for me. Thanks Kylie I could not do it without you.

I recently got my national team jacket, and will be going to the national team camp the end of October, so I have about seven more weeks to polish and learn new skills. I will keep the floor routine that I had at Nationals since it is new, but I might get a second routine. I really enjoy the dancing part of the floor routine, and was not able to do many extra dance classes this summer because of my schedule. The only classes that I took were hip-hop.

Well, I have to go now, I will write back soon to tell you how life is going.

Love, Shavahn Church

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