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July 24th, 2005

      Hi everybody, since my last Journal "My Big Secret" has finally been revealed. (Nobody got my hint in the last Journal??)

      Yes it really is true, I am going to Compete for Great Britain (And hopefully England at Commonwealth Games) in all future meets. I finally decided to make the switch about six months ago, and I asked Don if it was possible. He checked around, and after many many letters and emails between Don, USAG, BGA, and FIG it was basically all finalized last week.

      There are a couple of Reasons that I am doing this. My Mom and Dad are both British, and my sisters Carley and Jade were both born in the UK. We have tons of family over there and both of my Grandmothers live in England, so I'll get to see them more often. Also due to my Injury there was not much chance of me making the World's team for the USA, as we thought I would only be ready on Bars.

      With only four gymnasts being selected, it isn't likely USAG would send a gymnast for one event. However, even though I have recovered faster than expected, we still haven't had time to put full routines together (But I'm very close!). Britain's schedule for selecting their World's team is later than in America, which will give me the extra time that I need to be ready on all four events. I am very lucky to be a citizen of two great countries, and competing for GB is a golden opportunity for me. I will probably have a chance to do many more International meets than if I stayed with the US Team and I really want to compete in big meets. The British team has some amazing girls right now, and I hope together we can qualify GB for Team finals at 06 World's. How cool would that be!!! First though I have to make it to Melbourne, so I'm am going to have train even harder.

      In my training video many of you had a chance to see some of my new skills. I have upgraded on all events and right now I'm trying to perfect my DTY. I have to go to a training/selection Camp in the UK in September at Lilleshall. I have heard that this camp is incredible as it looks kind of like a Castle! My mom said that it was originally a Stately home. I can't wait to go!

      I just got back From England and it was fantastic. It was really hot and it didn't rain at all. I had the chance to go to two shows in London, including The Phantom of the Opera which was really really good. My mom and I also went on the London Eye which is a big Ferris wheel, only you stand in capsules that look like Space ships. You can see for miles and miles. We went at night, so all of London was glowing because of the lights. So thank you to Ally and Allison for taking us, and if you ever go to London definitely go on the London eye! I took tons of pictures and hopefully will be able to get some up on the website very soon.

      Of course I had the chance to visit with lots of my relatives and we had a party/BBQ for Shane and Ricky (two of my cousins). I trained at Heathrow Gymnastics while I was in England and their new facility is beautiful. I want to say hi to all of the girls especially Amy, Leigh, and Danusia, I'll see you all again real soon. Oh! The lady (Patsy?) who makes all of Heathrows Leotards, made four leotards for me while I was there. They are all really pretty and fit me perfectly. So a big shout out to her. Thank you very much. And thank you to everyone at Heathrow... Vince, Michele, the coaching staff, that made me feel so welcome during my time there. I loved every minute I was there, and even the food was good! (I tried Crispy duck and I really liked it a lot!) One last thing, thanks to everyone who has signed my guest book especially the British entries. I really appreciate the Support. Okay that is all I can think of for now so I'll TTYL.

- Rock on! Shavahn.

      "It's not what I am underneath. It's what I do that defines me." –Batman Begins (I had the chance to see this movie before I left for England and I loved it!)

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