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June 15th, 2005

      Hi guys, I thought it was finally time to write another journal. Right now I am about 90% recovered from my knee injury, but It still gets sore from time to time (the doctor said that is normal because all the scar tissue is slowly breaking up). Since you last saw me compete most of my routines have changed. I no longer do the jam in my bar routine, but don't worry because my new routine is really really REALLY cool!

      Don and I decided to change my floor tumbling passes as well. The dance is still the same, but my tumbling has improved tremendously. I am not sure but I think the doctor put some springs in my knee because my tumbling is so much higher. Isn't technology wonderful? :)

      On vault I am training my DTY again, but I am not sure if I will compete it. I need to feel 100% confident that I won't injure my knee again. It is pretty good into the pit but we will take it slow for a while. On beam I have a whole new routine with many more exciting elements. I am really lucky to have an awesome beam coach, her name is Feng Yu and she used to be on the Chinese National Team.

      As most of you know one of my goals for this year is to make World Championships in Australia. One of the other goals was to make the U.S senior National Team. Unfortunately I will not be competing at the U.S Classic in July or Nationals in August. Don, my parents and I feel that we shouldn’t rush the recovery and risk re-injuring my knee. However, for my fans I have some BIG SURPRISES :) I intend to compete at the Trials for selection of the World Championship squad and I feel my chances are extremely good

      In three weeks I will be going to England to watch the British Championships. While I am there I will be training at Heathrow Gymnastics as well as visiting some family. Heathrow recently remodeled their gym and I hear it is fantastic. I can’t wait to train there and to see the friends I made when Heathrow visited SCATS in 2004. I am going to try to get a picture of me at British Championships and I will see if Britt will post it on the site on the same day.

      Oh!!!! I almost forgot my big sister Carley is having a baby in November, hmmmmm isn’t that when World Championships are?? Maybe we will name the baby Melbourne lol…

      Not only will my routines look different, but I will look different ;) I have dyed my hair again and it is darker, no more Golden Retriever look but I still fetch! (for my dad) ;)

      My best friend Talia now goes to SCATS, so that is really cool as we now get to see each other a lot more. She will be representing the U.S at the Maccabeah (sp?) Games in Israel in July. GOOD LUCK TALIA!

      Have you ever lost a remote control? Well I didn’t but my parents thought I did. Guess what they had me do? Fear Factor at my house! They made me dig through the trash can with maggots in there. I was gagging with out a spoon! thanks mom and dad . By the way it wasn’t in there it was still in the car (it was the remote for the T.V in the car)...


      PS:. I recently got 18 pairs of vans (the shoes). My teammate Mandi brought me a t-shirt with a saying that says: ”she with the most shoes wins". I wonder if the judges know that…

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