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May 17th, 2003

Hi everybody! I'm sorry that it took me so long to post my first journal entry, but I have been very very busy training for Nationals. This week I have school tests as well, so it will be really crazy. I want to thank Brittany, Kimmi, and Tay for making me such a wonderful website. You guys are the best. Also thanks to all of the people that signed my guestbook. Wish I could reply to all of you, but then I wouldn't have time for gym. lol

Last month I went to National team training camp in Texas with my teammate London. It was very exciting and we were very nervous. The first day was soooo tough! After that it got much better though and I can't wait to go again. We roomed with Marcia Newby and Kristin Williams, they were really nice. Our cell phones wouldn't work at camp so Marcia let London and me use her calling card to call home. Thank you Marcia. I also got to know Ashley Postell at camp, and we keep in touch through AIM even when we aren't there!

We were invited back to camp for the 14th of may, but we needed to have full routines and we are still working on them. Since the American Classic I have been working on a new floor routine with new music. It will be ready for Millwaukee.

On May 1st I went to Disneyland for my 14th birthday ( it's actually on may 3rd) with my best friend Talia, my cousin Christopher, my Mom, my Uncle and my coach Monique. Eric couldn't go as he was at level 10 nationals with my teammate Naomi. We had lunch at Club33. I love Club33! Pirates of the caribbean was hoo! We go every year at about this time as it is also my Mom's and my Uncle's birthday on May 3rd.

I have to go now, but I will try to write another journal before Nationals. Oh! I almost forgot Congratulations to my friend Daniel Geri from (my old gym) T.L.C. gymnastics, who made the class 3 national team. Also a SHOUT OUT!! to his coach Tristian Rodriquez. Well I really really have to go now. Bye everyone.


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