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April 11th, 2004

Hi everyone. Before I go any further let me say that I'm sorry that it has been so long between my journal entries. I just got back from camp today (11th) where I was attempting to qualify for the PAC Jnr team that is being sent to Hawaii next week. I didn't quite make it, but I was very close and I am very happy with my progress. Most of my routines have been changed since Don took over coaching me full time in mid February, so there is still some more polishing to do.

Right before American Classic we found out that Yurchenko entries on vault were damaging my hamstring. I had a similar injury two years ago, and it meant I couldn't do beam or tumbling for almost 8 months. So rather than risk a long term injury Don and I decided to look for a new vault. At camp I did front handspring pike, but added the half to it and got a 9.1. I am working on the full into the pit and it's pretty good, but it's not totally ready yet.

At the camp before this one in March, Don and the National coaches changed my beam series. It is a higher SV than before, but at the PAC verification I bobbled on my front aerial and totally missed the connection. Don said it all added up to the equivalent of a fall, but I still scored 8.8 so it could have been much worse.

On bars we took out my immediate bail connection from toe shoot Tkatchev just for this camp, but unfortunately I hit the low bar during the routine and so I only scored 8.950. Last Monday I pulled my back, so I had therapy on the Tuesday before I left for Texas which seemed to help. Then on Friday at camp I pulled it again. On Saturday when they verified floor Don could see it was hurting, and that one of my passes I wouldn't be able to make. He decided to change it, and that dropped my SV to 9.5. However I scored 9.050 and I was REALLY happy about that!

Anyhow, I scored 35.9 AA. and as I only got 35.175 at American Classic this is a good improvement. Next up in about four weeks we go to the U.S. Classic in Rochester NY. This will be very cool as I am already qualified to Nationals, so mainly this meet is just to get more competition experience. My goal when we go there is just to improve my score a little more in time for Nationals in Nashville.

I want to wish good luck to all of the girls going to Hawaii, especially my jnr team members, Nastia, Jana, Shayla, Kassi and Ashley. Congratulations and have lots of fun! I'll see most of you in Rochester.

Love, Shavahn Church

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